SynbiTECH 2023 - 5-6 December 2023 – IET London

SynbiTECH 2023

Building a multibillion-dollar synthetic biology industry with positive impact


SynbiTECH 2023 will bring together the most informed and passionate pioneers applying their ideas on synthetic biology.


Our rich conference agenda features a fantastic line up of speakers who will debate how synbio can tackle the challenges of climate change, the opportunities that AI is creating for accelerating progress in medicine, and how investors view the sector.

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Reasons to attend



SynbiTECH 2023 is the UK's leading synthetic biology conference. We are dedicated to fostering innovation in synbio, bringing together visionary leaders and industry experts. Our focus is on delivering a content-rich program featuring speakers who can provide transformative insights.

Industry Insights

Industry Insights

Don't miss your chance to join the event and post your questions to our global synthetic biology leaders. With the fast-growing global population, our rapid use of the world's finite resources and the damaging impacts of climate change on the environment, there is an URGENT need to radically re-think how to sustain future human activity. Bring your expertise Bring your expertise to explore the synthetic biology applications that could provide the much-needed innovative solutions.



Forge connections with peers, potential clients, policy experts, investors and collaborators while enjoying the spectacular views of London's iconic architecture from the stunning IET London in Savoy Place.

A Central London Conference Venue

IET London: Savoy Place - the home of cutting-edge engineering and technology. This historic central London event venue on the River Thames offers cutting edge technology, improved capacity and outside space in a location that’s easily accessible by rail, tube and river.