SynbiTECH 2020, 26-27th October, QEII Centre, London

Synthetic biology for a sustainable future

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SynbiTECH is Europe's leading international synthetic biology conference for innovators and experts in synthetic biology research, commercialisation, investment and policymaking. SynbiTECH will be taking place for the second time in London in July 2020 following a hugely successful maiden event in 2019. SynbiTECH 2020 will focus on the greatest opportunities and challenges for building a multibillion-dollar synthetic biology industry that will contribute to the fast-growing bio-economy.

Q&A Sessions

Q&A Sessions

Don't miss our compelling 'Synbio unplugged' sessions, panel discussions and keynote presentations. With our fast-growing global population, our rapid use of the world's finite resources and the damaging impacts of climate change on the environment, there is an URGENT need to radically re-think how to sustain future human activity. Bring your expertise and contribute to the debate.



Join world-leading experts to discover the many opportunities created by the synergy between biology, engineering and technology. Help to unleash the power of synthetic biology and discover how your business can succeed in the future bio-economy.



An opportunity to showcase knowledge and innovation across synthetic biology. Demonstrate to our expert audience how your business is delivering a difference, the value of your technology and discover potential partners and customers.


Come and listen to the innovators driving a synbio revolution that will transform our world for the better. Synbitech is THE synthetic biology event for sharing ideas from brilliant minds in science, engineering and technology.

SynbiTECH 2020 will bring together the most informed and passionate pioneers applying their ideas on synthetic biology. Our speakers will be discussing a huge range of important topics including sustainability, biomaterials, transport, energy, food, DNA storage, biosecurity, investment and much, much more.

Speakers from across the world will share their opinion, insights and expertise at this not to be missed event as we accelerate toward realising synthetic biology's true potential.


Two days of inspiring talks, passionate debate, insightful questions and illuminating ideas from leading speakers and audience members will ensure that everyone leaves SynbiTECH 2020 better informed and able to take the synbio revolution forward. Extensive networking opportunities and informal receptions are included and we invite everyone at SynbiTECH 2020 to take part.

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The prestigious Queen Elizabeth II (QEII) Centre is in the heart of Westminster, central London. Opened in 1986 by HM The Queen, the Centre is the ideal location to welcome business leaders, investors, policy makers and academics from around the world.

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