The Bottom Line, BBC Radio 4 – Synthetic Biology

Professor Richard Kitney interviewed by Evan Davis

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The Bottom Line Synthetic Biology

Professor Richard Kitney, Co-director of SynbiCITE and SynbiTECH 2020, recently appeared on the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘The Bottom Line’, shedding light on the huge potential of synthetic biology to change our world for the better. 

Professor Kitney was interviewed by Evan Davis alongside Dr James Field, Founder & CEO, LabGenius and Yvonne Armitage, Bioeconomy Specialist at the Knowledge Transfer Network. The trio shared their expertise and insights in an enlightening 30 minute episode which can be viewed here.

Show notes

“Synthetic Biology is a process that allows the re-engineering of cells in everything from humans to plants and even mosquitoes. It allows scientists to manipulate DNA to make nature do things it wouldn't naturally, for example mosquitoes that don't pass on malaria. But it has applications in healthcare, agriculture and could even stop our reliance on oil. This is why the UK government is investing heavily in the science as they believe it could be worth around 400 billion. Evan Davis and guests discuss the business of Synthetic Biology.”

Listen to the full programme online now.