Expressing proteins in tobacco

An interview with Albor Dobon-Alonso from Leaf Expression systems

SynbiTECH 2020, 26-27th October, Now online

Kostas Vavitsas, Plos Synbio Community, interviews Albor Dobon-Alonso, Senior Microbiology Scientist, Leaf Expression Systems at SynbiTECH 2019:

"Several companies participated in SynbiTECH 2019, showcasing their ideas and applications. One of them is Leaf Expression Systems, a startup from Norwich. The company aims to use the tobacco plant Nicotiana benthamiana as an expression platform for protein production. During SynbiTECH, I had the chance to interview Dr Albor Dobon-Alonso, Senior Microbiologist of the company.

What is the advantage of using Nicotiana benthamiana as an expression system as compare to more “traditional” microbial hosts?

There are many advantages of using N. benthamiana as an expression system compare to microbes, but probably the principal is that like humans (and the rest of animals), plants are eukaryotes. This renders the possibility of producing proteins with post-translational modifications, which are needed in many human proteins, such as antibodies. This is not possible to obtain using microbes."

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